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Friends Only! :D [30 Jun 2003|03:40pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Friends Only!

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Never mind! ^.^ [03 Mar 2003|06:57pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I am in much better mood. No longer shall I let people get me down! >:D Backstabbing is a waste of time! I shall ignore it ^_^ Anyway, I'm so excited for Heather's Party on Friday! (Heather: YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND! XD) Uh... g2g! XD

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By The Way... [19 Feb 2003|03:16pm]
By the way... If ya'll didn't know... My journal is now 'Friend's Only'... ^_^ Add me only if you want to know about my pathetic life. Thanks.
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Back! * ** * [21 Oct 2002|05:54pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Howdy, guys! It's the Chloester here. Im sorta back to LJ, I guess. Although nothing to write about. And I can't use my LJ code anymore -_- *pout* Ill update more tommorrow! Bye bye!

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weird person IMs me [12 Jul 2002|12:08am]
This person IMs me so I try to freak 'em out, as usuall, they caught on tho... O.O

DuoWingTwo [11:54 PM]: hey what anime are you into?
Coolcloey2000 [11:55 PM]: I like sporks....:-!
DuoWingTwo [11:55 PM]: mindy and mork?
Coolcloey2000 [11:55 PM]: My name is Ron Ron...Im terrofied of clowns....evil pink doom bunnies will eat me at night...stay awake! sporks....
DuoWingTwo [11:56 PM]: your a weird one
Coolcloey2000 [11:56 PM]: OMG! Socks...are living creatures!
Coolcloey2000 [11:56 PM]: MWA HAH AH HA HA H AH AH BWA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!
DuoWingTwo [11:56 PM]: not them all just the tube and multi colored ones
Coolcloey2000 [11:57 PM]: how many licks do YOU think it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
DuoWingTwo [11:57 PM]: angels arent real they're just heavans whores
Coolcloey2000 [11:57 PM]: It only took me 352
Coolcloey2000 [11:57 PM]: My life, is the old sock under your bed! Wasting away! Then the dust bunnies shall eat me!
Coolcloey2000 [11:58 PM]: thats a Hallmark keeper! ^ ^
DuoWingTwo [11:58 PM]: stars are the moons farts
Coolcloey2000 [11:59 PM]: OMG! I KNEW iT!
Coolcloey2000 [11:59 PM]: they wouldnt believe me! believe me I said! its true! well look at them all now! HA!
Coolcloey2000 [11:59 PM]: does an angry troll live in your bathroom cabnit?
DuoWingTwo [12:00 AM]: tea cups are not for golf ......i know
Coolcloey2000 [12:00 AM]: neither are duckies
Coolcloey2000 [12:00 AM]: I like to play with sharp things! ^_^
Coolcloey2000 [12:01 AM]: rawrr!I bite, be careful!
DuoWingTwo [12:02 AM]: i can the baby sitter still has a restraining order on me and now theres this court orrder thing
Coolcloey2000 [12:03 AM]: cool! court orers and homocidal maniacs rock my socks!
DuoWingTwo [12:03 AM]: i can only talk candy from strangers
DuoWingTwo [12:04 AM]: but only if i get in their car
Coolcloey2000 [12:04 AM]: its really cool when they take you to their house and tie you to a car!
Coolcloey2000 [12:04 AM]: a chair I mean lol
Coolcloey2000 [12:05 AM]: My real name is Stitch. Im an alien who lives with a Hawaiian Girl. RAWR!
DuoWingTwo [12:05 AM]: im dave
DuoWingTwo [12:05 AM]: im parents think im sane
DuoWingTwo [12:05 AM]: but i like to shot things that arent really there
Coolcloey2000 [12:05 AM]: nice to meetcha! I have problems. Yep yep. Hi, how are you? Hi how are you?
DuoWingTwo [12:06 AM]: i have a caffine dificantcy, if i get too much chocolate or soda im like my uncle roy at an all you can eat buffet
Coolcloey2000 [12:07 AM]: aw.poor billy bob
Coolcloey2000 [12:07 AM]: farewell billy bob! dont let the homocidal maniacs bite!
DuoWingTwo [12:08 AM]: wait i..
DuoWingTwo [12:08 AM]: like you
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Hiya! ^ ^ [10 Jul 2002|11:57am]
[ mood | crazy ]

'ello 'vrybody! I am happy today! Maybe my posts will be happier from now on! ^ ^ By the way, I have a short notice:
For the next two weeks I will not be taking any requests whatsoever. I am too tied up and I need time to finish all the ones I have already! ^ ^ Thanks!

Love, Chloe
<3 <3 <3

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yeah...whatever.... [09 Jul 2002|01:29pm]
Im so sick and tired of people who act like they are/know more then you) better then you. Even though you know that they suck and that you taught them practically everything they know. I mean, how low can some idiots go? I suppose really low especially when they take your friend because they have none and sulk their life away and backstab ya. Well, lets just say that I am too tired and sick of putting up with this crap.
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>:O [08 Jul 2002|08:49pm]
YA know? Its real easy for people to backstab and accuse! Go on, why dont you all just yell and accuse and steal things from me! why dont CHA! I dont care! Why would I!?! Im used to it!
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oh yeah....baby.... [08 Jul 2002|02:16am]
Life is good, people. Life is good. I have mastered Pop-Ups with text links. Oh yeah. Who's the master now? I am! I am! Yip yip. The internet shall not face my wrath after all ^_____^. Life is lookin' good! BTW, thankuu mimi14! She helped me out a bit! :D
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Th World is about to end...RUN! >:o [07 Jul 2002|08:45pm]
Okay...Its alright...I can chill...I took it for a while...but enough, is, enough! >:o I can't take it anymore! I know this may sound similar to Lauren's post from the other day, BUT SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! Stop TAKING MY FRIENDS, STOP COPYING MY SITES, LJ STUFF, GRAPHICS, STOP BOTHERING ME, AND STOP ASKING ME TO MAKE YOU THINGS! The other day I got an e-mail from somebody I didnt even know...ASKING FOR A FULL FLEDGE LAYOUT PACKAGE! ICONS, GRAPHICS INCLUDED! I dont have time for this...nope. I have a site to maintain, a LJ to post in, and graphics to make for myself! And why cant people do things on their own? Do they NEED to ask for help ALL THE TIME! And take YOUR friends because they have none!?! AM I RIGHT! Nope, nope, nope...Leave me alone [people], who know who you all are! Prob. if you think/wonder if it is you, its not. But...but...ARG!!! Xo JUST GO AWAY EVIL CLEPTO MANIATIC PEOPLE/CHILDREN OF THE NETHERWORLD OR DOOM SHALL BEFORE YOU!
Love, The Chloester* ^ ^
(dont I just sound happy?) [note sarcasm]
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Heyllo! [07 Jul 2002|12:06am]
Yay! I made a Stitch Journal, like Lauren's Lilo one, ^ ^ and the user name is... stitch_626! I'll add my purty layout tommorrow!
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konnichiwa! [06 Jul 2002|01:22pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hello people! I am really bored right now...working on my site...yeahp...Well, Im leavin' in a few for a birthday par-tay! Oki...yea, Im bored...bye bye!

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Yeap yeap.... [05 Jul 2002|12:13pm]
Heyllo! I cant believe still how many people have visied my LaS site! O.O Maybe I'm just over-reacting but thats pretty god, I think. XD I was talking to Zuka earlier and we had a huge discussion about Lilo and Stitch and Monsters, Inc. and the similarities/differences/what makes each movie distinct and all that great stuff. It was fun! :D I have a lot to work on for my site though still O.O.... Im ordering this Lilo Disney Pin and her hula skirt swivels. Its neat! XD Just thought you'd all like to know that O.o Im drawing some Lilo and Stitch fan art! Weee! I'll out it on my site later! I finally got Lilo perfectly! She looks realllllllly reallllllly good!!! Im not kidding either. I'm working on my Stitchs. I got frustrated the other day,*real frustrated*, and ripped up up paper and stomped on it... O.O Artist block...yeap.... XD Oki, thats about all.....Bye!
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yee haw... [05 Jul 2002|12:48am]
Well, I am definatly assuming that Lilo and Stitch has become popular O.O Now there are about..*counts on her fingers* 6 more sites other then mine! *has to add more links* Im happy though! ^o^ I have so much more work to do on the site, but I think I am being purty productive with 700 visitors so far O.O wow...lol Anways, If you visited my site yet, please go back and sign the newly created guestybook! XD

On another account, I have re-added all of the new friendys who have added me! Thank for all of your sweet comments about my livejournal and my Lilo and Stitch site! I appreciate it guys! *huggles*

And thankies out to my great friend Lauren for being first to sign the G-Book! :D Yay! *huggle* BTW, seems that Zuka's back with her own Stitch sitey! ^o^
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^o^ [03 Jul 2002|08:30pm]
HEY EVERYBODY! Im back! Weeee! OMG, I have so much stuff to do: work on new site, sign up for the RPG, and add a bunch of new friendys and such on my list! ^o^ Update later! K!/ Love you guys!
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XD [25 Jun 2002|11:21pm]
I am so tired >.< I've been working on my site all day :D Its lookin' purty good so far, www.geocities.com/lilos_luau . Its on the new movie Lilo and Stitch and its super kawaii! ^o^
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^ ________________^ Happy me....Happy me.... [23 Jun 2002|11:32pm]
Yes, yes, evil humanoid beings of doom. ^_^ Smile and be happy while you can. You'll see. You'll see. Soon enough I shall rule and I will be ultimate master of POP-UP FREAKIN' WINDOWS! YOU HEAR ME!!!!???? TWO HOURS OF AGGRIVATION! POP-UP WINDOW HTML JAVASCRIPT CODES ARE EVIL!!!! DOOM!!!! *HISS HISS* Doom..So be happy while you can.....

Anyway, on a happier and less doom-full note, I went to the mall today...Lets us see,
new bag (who saw that one comin'?)
new lip gloss (as usual)
GIR shirt (glompage x 1000)
toe ring (very saavy XDDD )
lotiony stuff
GIR stuffed 'nanimal
new mascara
'nother shirty....
and...tha's it XD

BOREDOM! BOREDOM! Now I shall go and spread more doom ^___^ Smile 'vrybody!
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quizzle [22 Jun 2002|11:53am]
Weee! I saw Lilo and Stitch las' night! SO CUTE!!!! Im working on my new site right now...I jus' cleaned out all my files.. >.< 654 pictures...that took skill to work XD

Which store are you??

This quiz was made by Carly
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[20 Jun 2002|07:34pm]
Yeah, like I couldn't have guessed: XD

Which Scooby-Doo Movie character are you?
Made By: stardazed</center>

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rawr [20 Jun 2002|11:09am]
[ mood | calm ]

Hey! Im tired...Had to wake up at only 10:20 because the stupid lawnmower guys outside are too loud...grrrr >.< .....Nobody is on, Meg aint talkin', so I am just makin' some icons...for fun...yes. Wow, I have a lot to do with MWC, eh. Plus I wanna open up a new site...What do you all have to say about opening up a Lilo and Stitch site? Gimme some ideas if you have any, guys...

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